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..get in touch to book your free session today!


..get in touch to book your free session today!


..get in touch to book your free session today!


..get in touch to book your free session today!








Knowing and understanding more about self-defense and fitness workouts can only be better with Wales Krav Maga and Kickboxing Association (WKMKA). We are a one-stop destination for fitness enthusiasts, ranging from personal to group fitness training, and all that falls in between, WKMKA offers ideal fitness classes for kids, men, and women.

Jason Orchard established WKMKA in 2014. He was a one-time amateur boxer, personal trainer and martial arts – self-defense expert. WKMKA is built with the vision of giving its members topnotch energetic workout programs.

We hold kickboxing classes every Tuesday at our Kickboxing and Krav Maga club, and at Dragon Crossfit, Cardiff on Thursdays and Saturdays. Our expert instructors are friendly and patient; they are always ready to take you through your fitness journey.


Interested in learning Krav Maga? Watch our video below.

Would you like to learn Kickboxing? Hear what our members have to say.

Our Classes

Kickboxing and KravMaga classes are organized at certain locations throughout the week, and they are open to adults and kids. We take you through the fitness journey for a little token of £30 for personal sessions and £3 per group class.

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We understand that having the right environment for fitness training contributes to what the trainee can achieve. As such, we have put in place, safe facilities, and equipment which are non-intimidating and clean to create the ideal environment for your fitness goals. We teach you how to harness your natural instincts and develop your confidence level to undertake tasks.

We are open to your requests. Kindly get in touch with us, and one of our staff will gladly help you.

Join Us Now

It’s pretty quick and easy to get started. Just fill out the contact form on our contact page or place a call on 07977106213.

We will offer you the first consultation to discuss your fitness objectives absolutely free. We will also provide you with a free diet plan and nutrition guide that will aid your fitness journey.

Sign up for classes with us today, and you will see why WKMKA stands out as a leader in the Kickboxing, self-defense, Krav Maga and personal training industry.

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Private Sessions with WKMKA

We allow you join a group class or opt for a private session.

The founder of WKMKA, Jason Orchard has a wealth of experience training and coaching groups and individuals. Our staff is bent on ensuring that each member gets training and workouts tailored to meet their unique needs and level of experience.

You may want to combine the group and private sessions to get the best WKMKA experience Join us today and experience pure fitness fun!

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