White Collar Boxing

What is White Collar Boxing?

Very few people can dedicate the lifetime of work it takes to become a professional boxer. There is usually an age limit of 34 and professional boxing requires a very high level of skill and experience that has been honed over many years of serious training and an accomplished amateur career behind you.

So what if you’ve discovered boxing a little late in life, why should you miss out on the chance to experience the exhilaration of an organised boxing bout? Well you don’t have to miss out because White Collar Boxing Cardiff brings the benefits of boxing training and the challenge of fighting in the ring to everyone.

White Collar Boxing is a form of boxing where everyday men and women in white collar professions train to fight at special events in front of their family and friends and a roaring crowd. Most have no previous experience of boxing, only the will to train and the spirit, determination and courage to step into that ring.

After thorough rigorous training, contestants participate in refereed bouts of three, two minute rounds, using 16 once gloves, head guards, mouth guards and groin protectors. An experience you will never forget.

A short history of White Collar Boxing

The story has it that back in 1988 two Wall Street workers who fancied themselves as fighters had a bet on who would still be standing if they went three rounds with each other in a ring at a local boxing gym. Each not wanting to lose, they both committed totally to the bet by employing trainers and setting out on a rigorous training schedule.

Six months later they finally got it on at Gleasons Gym in New York City , one the oldest and most famous boxing gyms in the world. In front of a big crowd of their colleagues, family and friends, and with their trainers and referee they slugged it out to the end. As neither of them were particularly big hitters they both walked away unscathed and with their pride intact, they went for a post match meal together and returned to work the next morning.

Word spread fast about these two men that wore suits by day and fought by night, and soon Gleasons had a queue of white collar workers wanting to box stretching back to Brooklyn Bridge , and so, White Collar Boxing was born.

White collar boxing remains today a high adrenalin contact sport but is registered and controlled by the International White Collar Boxing Association (IWCBA). Because it actively promotes and develops the positive qualities of boxing – courage, confidence and commitment, it attracts numerous men and women from white collar, blue collar, well any colour collar, professions!

What can White Collar Boxing do for you?

Boxing training is an amazing whole body workout and the ultimate stress buster. It will help you lose body fat, tone and shape your body, give you increased energy and stamina and increase your confidence in everyday life. Once you start your classes you’ll find it’s a change of lifestyle and your success and seeing the success of other members will encourage you to become the best that you can be.

If you are a complete beginner or have had some past training our classes are for you. After warm up and stretching exercises we will focus on developing boxing techniques, demonstrating technically sound punches, jabs, uppercuts and hooks and giving one to one training and feedback to each member, working on weaknesses and developing combinations. Progression will lead to sparing with close supervision and assessing punch quality on punch bags. All classes and sessions will include stamina building exercises and aerobic exercises to make you fitter, stronger and more confident. Whether your ultimate goal is to fight in the ring or just to get fit and learn boxing techniques then White Collar boxing with Noble Art Boxing is for you.

Photography by Silent Fox Photos