Why choose Kickboxing?

Starting from four years of age, our Kids Kickboxing and Martial Arts club in Cardiff encourage fast progression in a positive and safe environment. Our kids, Junior and Teens Classes along with our Ladies Only kickboxing introduce a structured, fun, technical curriculum to ensure both interest and whole life fitness is continuously stimulated and improved.

We help build self-discipline and develop self-confidence – helping your child to overcome shyness and insecurity. The classes provide a friendly personal training service aimed at getting kids fit and healthy together through a variety of fun innovative kickboxing workouts

Classes include a wide variety of exercise from Warm-up, Skipping, shadow boxing, basic and advanced punch combinations, heavy bag workout, focus mitts, slipping and rolling, partner drills, abs and core work. Working through a syllabus for each belt grading.

Kickboxing is enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

How to get started

To get started you will need to contact Jason at the Noble Art Boxing Fitness Cardiff by either email:

info@nobleartboxing.com or telephone: Jason on 07977 106213